2-in-1 Movies

April 24, 2011

Die Hard Target

The Empire Strikes Back to the Future

A Beautiful Megamind

The Scorpion King’s Speech

How to Train Your Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Dolores Claiborne Identity

Reservoir Dogs go to Heaven

There’s Swamp Thing About Mary

Galaxy Quest for Fire

Raging Bull Durham

Star Shrek

Get Shorty to the Greek

Joy Luck Fight Club

Johnny Mnemento

The Waterworld According to Garp

Dumb and Dumbo

Jesus Christ Superbad

Sleepy Hollow Man

When Dirty Harry Met Sally

The Truman Centipede

I, Robot, Am Legend

Soylent Green Mile

Capricorn One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Twelve Angry Monkeys


One Response to “2-in-1 Movies”

  1. Ross Cutler said

    What about Fried Green Killer Tomatoes?

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