“I should have invested in chimneys. They’re going through the roof!”

“It’s the tried and true method of trial and error.”

“Gentlemen, start your envy !”



April 5, 2006

Many creative writing teachers will tell you that a story should start with a bang! But I’ve recently noticed that many of my favourite stories start with a crash!

Twelfth Night – Viola and Sebastian are shipwrecked on the coast of Ilyria

Gulliver’s Travels – Lemuel Gulliver is shipwrecked on the coast of Lilliput

The Wizard of Oz – Dorothy Gale’s house crash lands in Munchkinland

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World – “Smiler” Grogan crashes his car in the Californian desert

Planet of the Apes – Commander Taylor’s spacecraft crash lands on an “Earth-like” planet

Lost Horizon – A plane crashes in the Himalayas, and the survivors are taken to Shangri-la

The Abyss – The USS Montana, a nuclear submarine, crashes into a canyon wall in the Cayman Trench

The War of the Worlds – A Martian Cylinder crash-lands in Horsell Common, England

The Thing – An alien spaceship crashes in Antarctica

The Blob – A meteorite crashes in the woods near a small town

The Iron Giant – An alien robot splashes down off the coast of Rockwell, Maine

Lost in Space – The spaceship Jupiter 2 is thrown off course and crash lands on an unknown planet

Pitch Black – The spaceship Hunter-Gratzner crash lands on a desert planet

Final Destination, Final Destination 2, and Final Destination 3 – A plane crash/car crash/rollercoaster crash is foreseen by a psychic teenager

Superman – Kal-El’s Kryptonian cradle-ship crash lands in Kansas

Green Lantern – Abin Sur, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, crash lands in the Sierra Madres mountain range.

The Island of Dr. Moreau – Edward Prendick is shipwrecked on a tropical island

The Most Dangerous Game – Sanger Rainsford is shipwrecked on a tropical island

Gilligan’s Island – The SS Minow is shipwrecked on a tropical island

Lost – Oceanic Airlines flight 815 crashes on a tropical island

Cast Away – A Fed-Ex executive survives a plane crash and washes ashore a tropical island

So, here’s my advice to all you aspiring writers — start your story with a crash!