Roman Numerals III

October 14, 2005

Seriously, why do we still use Roman numerals? At all?
They’re obselete — they don’t have a zero, and they max out at 4999.
They’re convoluted — to decipher something like MCMLXXIV, you actually have to add and subtract as you read it.
And they’re misleading — the Roman numeral ‘II’ looks like an 11! The ‘X’ looks like an X!

Didn’t the Roman Empire fall in the year CCCXCIII? Why are we still using their clunky numbering system in the year MMV!? And why does CCCXCIII look bigger than MMV, when it’s actually a smaller number!?



Roman Numerals II

October 14, 2005

A lot of movie sequel titles use Roman numerals. ‘The Godfather Part II’, ‘Superman III’, ‘Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love’, etc.

But I wonder about ‘Friday the 13th Part II’. Why isn’t the ’13’ expressed in Roman numerals? Why the inconsistency? Why not ‘Friday the XIIIth Part II’ ?

And why are Roman numerals used only for sequels? Plenty of original films have numbers in their titles. Why don’t they also use Roman numerals? For example:

III Men and a Baby
IV Weddings and a Funeral
The Vth Element
The VIth Sense
VI Degrees of Separation
VII Samurai
VIII Leggged Freaks
The Whole IX Yards
IX and I/II Weeks
Ocean’s XI
XXVIII Days Later
Gone in LX Seconds
House of M Corpses


Roman Numerals I

October 14, 2005

Many analog clocks use Roman numerals, but I actually have a digital clock that uses them.

My alarm is set for VI:XLV A.M.