Band Name Sentences

June 26, 2005

Local radio station JackFM has been running some clever print ads, for which they’ve created grammatically-correct sentences using only band names. For example: “Mike & the Mechanics Fixx Cars”, “Pet Shop Boys Cure Stray Cats” and “Scorpions Sting Barenaked Ladies”.

Well, I think I’m up to the challenge. Not limiting myself to the bands on JackFM’s playlist, here are some band-name sentences of my own:

Survivor Beat the Odds

Tom Waits At the Drive-in Til Tuesday

Pet Shop Boys Fixx Stray Cats

Sparks Lit Alexisonfire

Police Switch Porno for Pyros

Fatboy Slim Spoons Cake

Ratt Poison Kills Modest Mouse

Shaggy Roots Everything But the Girl

Bjork Weezer Hoobastank (I didn’t say it had to be an English sentence ;))

Fine Young Cannibals Alarm Human League

Def Leppard Sparks Quiet Riot

Judas Preist Strokes Beach Boys

Men at Work Finger Eleven Backstreet Boys

Ben Folds Moist Limp Bizkit

Prince, Rise Against Queen!

Nine Inch Nails Seal Doors

A Flock of Seagulls Staind Cardigans


Poem #3

June 23, 2005

Nostradamus, Nosferatu,

You’ve got to do what you ought to.

Nosferatu, Nostradamus,

You promise, you promise, you promise?

Poem #2

June 21, 2005

Richard is a nudist.

Susan is a Buddhist.

Which one is the good-est?

Who’s the most tatooed-est?

Poem #1

June 19, 2005

Look inside the frigidaire,

You will see a midget there.

Fingernails are rigid hair,

Wedding rings are digit wear.

Sandal People

June 18, 2005

People who wear sandals must be optimists. They’re telling themselves, “Today, I’m not going to have to run. Or kick a gun out of someone’s hand”.